Epical Crash of French Solar Road Project

While each and every engineer who has a piece of paper and a pencil foreseen the ineffectiveness of Solar Road, the bureaucrats vigorously proceeded to waste taxpayer bucks. This venture is a fantastic illustration of spending tax euros on bizarre stuff.

Now we have commercialized installations of solar cells within the world, and we know that they are still costly in comparison with some other energy sources. The solar arrays are aligned with the Sun to obtain more efficiency. They are washed regularly, get plenty of maintenance, and no one is going to destroy them all with several tons of mass. That is why the solar highways will not ever be so effective as solar powered energy stations. The solar highway cannot be aligned with the Sun, and it often will be shadowed by trucks! It is so damn foreseeable!

One more ridiculous concept is to use technology in attempts to create the solar roadway enabled to withstand the wear. The roadway engineering companies spent ages in cost efficiency optimization. Changing the highway surface with costly solar panels will certainly affect the efficiency of both: the highway and solar energy project.

I've serious concerns regarding solar roads becoming a part of the nearby future. They may throw away a lot of euros and do multiple research attempts, and it still will likely be a failure.

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